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1 Beaconsfield Parade, Beaconsfield Road, Brighton, England UK, BN1 6DN


We are a friendly, hygienic and professional tattoo shop providing high quality work tailored to each customers needs. Our passion and love for the industry resonates throughout the shop's atmosphere and approach to the tattoos we produce. There is the option of a private room for your discretion and an open studio, welcoming a warm social setting with the latest state of the art studio furniture for your comfort. We offer fully custom tattoo designs in all styles, tattoo walk-ins and unique, one-off designs drawn by our artists.

You can find us located 2 minutes from Brighton's London Road train station (10 mins walk from Brighton main train station) and 2 minutes from Preston Circus; map. Feel free to pop in, say "Hi!" and chat about your ideas! You can also connect with us via our Facebook page.


Mister Sorn - Tattoo Portfolio

Mister Sorn

Tom aka Mister Sorn is renound for his unique lettering styles, tailored and hand crafted to suit any clients needs. From his iconic graffiti styled designs to classic script writing, there is something for everyone. His realistic work is also something to be admired, where he encompasses his signature textures to make his work truly distinctive. Tom has tattooed around the globe and many famous faces including Rag & Bone Man, where you spot his work adorning his face.

For bookings please email: sorn@smbtattoo.com
or connect with Tom Sorn on Facebook.

Shorty Tattoos

Ellie Short

Ellie, aka Shorty Tattoos is an amazing illustrator and tattooer, who's fine-line blackwork is something to be adored and treasured for a lifetime. Her abstract calligraphic work is simply stunning and very unique to her hand. Get yourself booked in for something special.

Ellie also offers piercing, contact her for prices and availability.

For bookings or more info please email Ellie: ellieshrt@gmail.com
or view her portfolio Shorty Tattoos on Instagram.

Luna Tattoos

Luna Tattoos

Luna uses popular culture and mashes it up with her own modern and trendy twist. Her simple line tattoos can appear cute, but sometimes hold a dark edge. She is also a dab hand with handpoked tattoos, which are especially great for places like fingers which are prone to falling out. Message her today for some adorable lil bangers.

For bookings please email: luna.tattoos95@gmail.com
or view her portfolio Luna Tattoos on Instagram.

Helena Hellion Tattoos

Helena 'Hellion' Tattoos

Helena is an up coming illustrator and tattooer who's work is simply adorable. Her quirky tattoos have a majestical grace, encompassing something out of a fairy tale. She loves designing from clients ideas and working from her own unique designs that she always has available waiting for a new home. Message her now to see what she has on offer.

For bookings or more info please email Helena: helena.gifford@googlemail.com
or connect with Hellion Tattoos on Instagram.

StayGoodTom Tattoo Portfolio

Microblading by Amy Francis

We now offer Microblading, the latest technique in eyebrow design - providing a natural & realistic finish to the brow.

Introductory Offer: ONLY £150 - usually £200

Eyebrow Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique for applying make-up to the eyebrows using fine strokes which lasts around one year.

For bookings or more info please email Amy: thebrowbox@francis.pm
or connect with The Brow Box on Facebook.

London Boy Tattooer

Londonboy Tattooer

One of Londons dope young tattoo artists with a big connection to the London Graffiti Scene. His work is very bold and uses classic iconography flipped up in his own unique style.

For bookings please Direct Message Londonboy Tattooer on Instagram
or connect with Londonboy Tattooer on Facebook.