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We are a friendly, hygienic and professional tattoo shop providing high quality work tailored to each customers needs. Our passion and love for the industry resonates throughout the shop's atmosphere and approach to the tattoos we produce. There is the option of a private room for your discretion and an open studio, welcoming a warm social setting with the latest state of the art studio furniture for your comfort. We offer fully custom tattoo designs in all styles, tattoo walk-ins and unique, one-off designs drawn by our artists.

You can find us located 2 minutes from Brighton's London Road train station (10 mins walk from Brighton main train station) and 2 minutes from Preston Circus; map. Feel free to pop in, say "Hi!" and chat about your ideas! You can also connect with us via our Facebook page.


Mister Sorn - Tattoo Portfolio

Mister Sorn

I consider myself a versatile artist who thrives in creating unique designs tailored for every clients needs. I have a deep rooted love of custom lettering, stemming from my graffiti and design background, which also creates my own flair to the illustrative tattoos I produce. See More...

For bookings please email: sorn@smbtattoo.com
or connect with Tom Sorn on Facebook.

Blonde Bastard Portfolio

Blonde Bastard

Aaron aka Blonde Bastard. Specialising in everything super bold, traditional to new-wave ignorant styles.

For bookings please email: blondebastardbb@gmail.com

StayGoodTom Tattoo Portfolio

Don't Tell Mum

Alice aka Don't Tell Mum loves printmaking, particularly etching - a style which she incorporates into her tattoo designs, using fine lines to imitate the medium. She particularly enjoys freehanding beautiful floral work and mandala designs.

Check out Don't Tell Mum's instagram page for her latest works below

For bookings please email: alicewoodhouse@googlemail.com
or connect with Don't Tell Mum on Facebook.

Chasinghawk Tattoo

Chasinghawk Tattoos

Jenna Chasinghawk specialises in geometric, dotwork & bespoke font (scriptwork). As a First Nations Lakota Sioux artist she produces original Native American inspired tattoo designs and collectable art.

To see Chasinghawk's latest work instagram page for her latest works.

For bookings please email: design@chasinghawktattoos.com
or connect with Chasinghawk Tattoos on Facebook.

Iambratwurst Tattoo


Nathan aka Bratwurst. Specialising in pastel-coloured illustrative designs from a mix of inspirations that form a new-wave style loosely coined 'Future Traditional'. Also very experienced in handpoke for sensitive areas that require it. Fingers, inner lips, faces are welcome. Primarily working from an extensive amount of flash but custom is welcome.

To see Iambratwurst's latest work check out his instagram page .

For bookings please email: bratwurst@iambratwurst.com